Refund/Cancellation Policy

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Refund/Cancellation Policy

The Refund and Cancellation Policy has been established by CDG Global (EU) Ltd ( the “Company”), for the mitigation of legal and financial risks, observance of the principles of Anti-Money Laundering Policy and counteraction on Terrorist Financing.

The company reserves the right to prevent logging in to a private profile, freeze Accounts’ balances, suspend trading activity on accounts, cancel any requests for Deposit/Withdrawal or the return of funds, if the originated source of funds or activity of the Client contradicts to the Policy of Money laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The company has the right at certain objective reasons and in case of need, to proceed with returning the funds received through any payment system, including credit/debit cards. Thus, return of funds will be transacted electronically or via Bank, using the details which the Client used for the deposit of funds.

If the Company deems that the activity of a Client is inappropriate, or contradicting to the purpose of use of the company’s services, as those stated in the Company’s Terms and Conditions ,where there is direct or indirect, illegal or unfair intention, the Company reserves the right to take actions ,as referred to this Policy, without informing the Client.

The company will take all the necessary measures to prevent any deposits and withdrawals by third parties to/from the customers’ accounts. Deposits and withdrawals of funds from an account, can be carried out only by the owner of that account.